Personalized Coaching

For the person desiring deeper relationships.

For the person navigating a life change.

For the person who is ready to radiate confidence.

For the person who struggles with conflict.

For the person wanting more joy.

For the person who is ready to lead from integrity.

For the person who is ready to
their life from a place of
connection to their authenticity.

As an restauranteur and celebrity chef I spent my life working tirelessly to become successful doing the one thing I knew how to do: work.
And yet, while I achieved my career goals

I was not successful at being connected to myself.

I got to where I was in life without any coaching or help,
so the concept of hiring a coach had me feeling intrigued and ashamed.


Because a part of me knew I wanted and needed the support of a coach long before this.
And, the other part of me felt like I failed to help myself.

Well, guess what?

 That inner conflict tells me both parts have a point.

I cannot help myself become the person I want to be without the support of a coach.


My time working with Trevor has helped me effectively manage and deeply understand what I am responsible for, and what I am not. This has been the most incredible transformation I have experienced during my time working with him and the IFS method.
- N. K.

I can confidently say that I have made significant progress in managing my anger, and much of that progress is thanks to your guidance. The practical tools and strategies you shared have already made a positive impact on my daily life, both personally and professionally.
- B. L.

Trevor's compassion and curiosity create palpable safety that allows for deep and intensely meaningful growth. His capacity to hold a loving and fiercely honest space is incredibly unique and in service to awakening greater awareness within himself and others.
- L. B.

"Developing yourself is not about being perfect, it’s about cultivating awareness and accessing tools when you’re ready to work through the pain that got you here."

It's time to move forward.
It's time to forgive ourselves.
It's time to let go of the struggle.
It's time to become resilient.

For years I had been pushing myself to the edge. I was a typical high achiever who wouldn’t settle for anything. There were no room for errors. There were no boundaries. Only the toughest would strive in the corporate world I was living. My body and mind were giving sings about this way of living, but I ignored them for years.

Until it made me fully stop in 2020. I got burned out, overwhelmed and bedridden for 3 months. I was suffering from a massive amount of debilitating anxiety and relationship anxiety that would not let me eat, sleep or even go to a store without a panic attack. I was a mess.

I suffered in silence, until I almost gave up.
I reached out for help and was described with different kinds of medicine and got accepted to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I obediently took my medicine and saw a therapist weekly. Still, I saw no improvement after 2 years. I started to get tired.

Then I bumped into IFS and got curious. Something in this modality really resonated with me and I had to learn more. Shortly after I met Trevor who introduced me to the world of IFS and parts work. After years of shutting down my feelings and thoughts I got curious and listened what my parts had to say. Anxiety started to loosen its grip one session at a time. I have been doing parts work and coaching with Trevor for almost a year now.

One week ago, I was cleaning my medicine cabinet and suddenly realized how far I’ve come. I used to take 7 different kinds of medicine daily.

Now almost a year after that amount has reduced to half of a pill of the lowest dose of one antidepressant. And that's it. I feel pure joy, hope and gratitude about that. My journey continues (as if it would ever end) and I think my story works as a great reminder of the impact that IFS and an amazing coach can do. We are always moving forward in a way, we might just not realize or see it daily.

- Nina


After I review your application, we will schedule a 20-minute introductory call to talk about your goals, and what to expect from working together.

Please answer a few questions about your struggles and goals and we will get you started.  


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Coaching prices start at $250 for individual sessions, to packages for $3-$5K for ongoing coaching. Is that something you can financially commit to?