Program Complaints and Policy

This Complaints Policy outlines the procedures and guidelines for handling complaints related to the 10-week Introduction to Internal Family Systems (IFS) course
offered by Inner World and Luna Counseling. We are committed to providing a positive learning experience for our participants, and we value feedback to continuously improve our offerings. This policy aims to ensure transparency, fairness, and prompt resolution of any concerns or complaints.

This policy applies to all participants enrolled in the 10-week Introduction to IFS course provided by Inner World and Luna Counseling, including both online and in-person formats.
Complaints Handling Principles

All complaints will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and information related to complaints will only be shared with individuals directly involved in the resolution process.

All complaints will be addressed impartially, without any bias towards any party involved.
Transparency: We will maintain transparency throughout the complaints resolution process, providing clear information about the steps taken and the expected timeline for resolution.

Prompt Resolution:
We aim to resolve complaints as quickly and efficiently as possible, while ensuring a thorough investigation when needed.

Submitting a Complaint
Participants who have concerns or complaints related to the 10-week Introduction to IFS course should follow these steps:
Informal Resolution: Participants are encouraged to first attempt an informal resolution by discussing their concern with the course instructor or facilitator. Often, issues can be resolved through open communication.

Formal Complaint Submission:
If the concern remains unresolved after discussing it with the course instructor or if the participant feels uncomfortable discussing it directly with the instructor, a formal complaint can be submitted. Complaints should be submitted in writing to Trevor Bird email: and/or Lorri Ballard email: The complaint should include:
Participant's name and contact information
A clear description of the complaint, including relevant dates and details
Any supporting documentation, if available
Complaints Resolution Process
Upon receiving a formal complaint, the following steps will be taken:

The designated contact person will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within [2] business days.

An investigation will be conducted to gather information and assess the validity of the complaint. This may involve speaking with the participant, the course instructor, and any other relevant parties.

Inner World and Luna Counseling] will work to find a fair and appropriate resolution to the complaint. This may include actions such as mediation, refunds, course adjustments, or other remedies as deemed necessary.
Communication: The complainant will be informed of the resolution within [30] business days after the investigation is completed.
If the participant is not satisfied with the resolution provided by Inner World and Luna Counseling, they have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals should be submitted in writing to Trevor Bird email: within [2] business days of receiving the resolution.

Record Keeping
Inner World and Luna counseling will maintain records of all complaints and their resolutions for a period of 5 years. These records will be kept confidential and only accessible to authorized personnel.

Review of Policy
This Complaints Policy will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure its effectiveness. Any updates will be communicated to participants.
Inner World and Luna Counseling are committed to ensuring a positive and supportive learning environment for all participants in the 10-week Introduction to IFS course. We value your feedback and will strive to address complaints in a fair and timely manner.